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of condolences today in washington calling for a safety review of all u.s. nuclear plants and offered assurances that harmful levels would not reach the west coast. >> now, state health officials are trying to reassure us tonight that the west coast does not face a serious threat from japan. this one is in san francisco. and uc berkeley scientists put up one on top of the engineering building. california's director of public health says reports are not true. >> there are winds shift sog some will be blowing west. almost all will get washed out by storms that are there and dissipate. >> dr. backer says there may be a slight increase in radiation over next few day buzz amount will be no greater than what we're exposed to on a daily basis. >> many people continue to have concerns about dangerous radiation reaching our shores. rain freedman has been following this story and not everyone believes what they hear from the government. >> that is true. it's more of mistrust. and there are a lot of people still buying radiation dedoctors on ebay, and are buying pills in stores. and there are people saying
of lying to a 2003 grand jury about whether he knowingly used steroids. reporters asked how important the word knowingly is in this case. and if there is ever we think there are should be a court of equal dignity in analysis of what we have here. >> and this trial continues with greg anderson appearing before the judge only, not the jury. he's expected to tell her he refuses to testify against his childhood friend, and he is expected, once again to send him to jail. from there, we go on to opening statements. the trial is expected to last four to five weeks. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> jury selection wrapped up today in an east bay courtroom where two men are on trial for the murder of the journalist chauncey bailey. prosecutors made statements this afternoon. and. >> three and a half years after chauncey bailey's murder a jury of seven women, five men selected to decide the fate of the two men on trial for the killing. with a mountain of evidence and dozens of witnesses, the case could last three months, but the key testimony will come from the person who admitted to pulling the
smith is with the city of pleasanton is is live with us tonight. are you there? >> yes. i'm here. >> how big of a challenge is this going to be to fix given saturation in the soil? is that just complicating it? >> it's causing problems for us. you saw from the chopper the hill started to slide and more it rains, more difficult it makes for us to affect repairs. we have crews up there now, if it continues to rain, this may extend the process. >> daniel, does this mean people are not to drink any water? >> we've talked with the health department and have tested it. it hasn't been deemed unsafe but we're recommending they don't drink it and use bottled water. and we don't recommend they drink it good to know, thank you very much. crews are on this as quickly as they can be. daniel smith with the director of operations services, thank you. >> thank you. >> and capitola is dealing with a major down pour causing millions of dollars in damages. >>> shop owners were grateful for the break in the rain. damage is so extensive, many businesses are just closed. one business owner says downtown capit
this is impossible this, morning, 600 residents were contacted by police using the city auto mated system. >> this is when they were advised to use caution. >> there was a 120 mount mountain lion. police found the animal on whipple avenue in this backyard. >> i never felt in danger. the guys knew what they were doing and had him covered from different angles so if he did try to get out or jump, they had him. >> the mountain lion squeezed in between two fences. police and fish and game weighed their options ik see this face coming between slats in the fence. >> according to a spokesperson, because of the slats, waits impossible to get a clear shot using the tranquilizer gun. >> this is an urban area. the threat is to the public n this situation we can't just try to tranquilize it and have it run out there up, upset and hurt someone. >> we're not closed to green belts. in either direction you'd be in the neighborhood or toupt hospital. >> sky 7 shows the moment they took the shot. >> and we did see them shoot it i was thrashing, then expired. >> and this mountain lion was taken by fish and
to wake us up of. we were asleep. my daughter was up. i just found out she was trying to play with the stove. i didn't know the house was on fire until i opened the door. >> everyone got out okay. it took firefighters just five minutes to put out the fire. the red cross is hoping the family finds a place to stay, tonight. >> a fight is brewing between families of victims from the peoples' temple massacre. the battle over plans for a memorial. vick? >> the victims were follow followers of a cult leader who took them to guy yawna with the promise of building a yu tomorrowa. -- utopia. the some of the families say there won't be peace until their memorial is built. church leaders and families of some of the victims attended the gathering where 400 bodies are buried. dr. norwood organized this event. >> 17 children in my family died at joanstown. 10 adults in my family died. >> in 1978, more than 900 followers of reverend jim jones died in the mass murder suicide in a commune in guyana. almost all were from the bay area z a congressman were murdered in a nearby air strip. the grou
unit. officers pull one residents out. the written consent came 18 minutes after police entered using a master key. the police report says they knocked and asked permission to enter public defenders say that, too, is a lie. drugs were found inside and the residents arrested. the prosecutors and a judge tossed out charges once videos emerged. >> what is different is that we have a videotape. and public defenders every day there are cases in which we've questioned the way that police officers gain entrance into homes and apartments. here we have proof. >> all that happened when the now district attorney was police chief. he is calling for an outside investigator but gascone says there are no plans to recuse the office. >> this is concerning. we're going to make sure there is a thorough investigation in this case. and we dmot want to jump to conclusions until getting to the bottom of the investigation. >> and begin the chief says these officers are innocent until proven guilty but will be put on paid leave. the chief in this news conference says he concur that's this video and these repo
at an active storm track meaning chance of rain for us beginning sunday. i'll show you when in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> later tonight from michael finney a woman's efforts to get playoff tickets that turned into a disappointment >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> two sisters received an award today from the president during an antibullying summit. they met at the white house and became interested in fighting bullying several years ago when hearing about a novato girl named olivia made fun of off suffering an epileptic seizure in class. they wrote her a letter of support and olivia received thousands of letters. >> a lot of letters from young people and they wanted to wish her well. and let her know someone out there was thinking about her. let her know she wasn't wrong z because those children treated wher a small measure of kindness it helped her see light at the end of the tunnel. >> those letters were compiled into a book. today the president, first lady and 150 students, parents and educators discussed ways to make communities safe from bul
plan to deal with california budget deficit. and nannette miranda joins us now. >> reporter: governor brown hoped a vote would happen by thursday to give the secretary of state enough time to print and send out ballots for a june special election. clearly that is shaky of a handful of republicans who would have supported the proposal have declared an impass. for the first time, governor brown acknowledged he was having a tough time securing republican votes he needs to pass the budget this week. the group in a special election, since then, the temporary tax hikes. after meeting over the weekend with a group of lawmakers that was seemingly open to breaking ranks those talks went nowhere. >> there is a lot of fear that this entire machinery will be turned against whoever votes. >> the state senators include tom barryhill, tom harmon, sam blakesly, bill emerson declined to be interviewed but in a letter said their ideas weren't taken far enough. we, quote therefore are disappointed our reforms were either rejected or water down with no real affect on future spending or economy. pension r
and baby shouldn't be around radiation. hopefully things will clear up they'll stay in the u.s. indefinitery. and those arriving has given us a glimpse. >> it took five and a half hours to get back into downtown tokyo. hundreds of people waiting for buses that rarely came. convenience store shelves were bare of food. it was near panic. >> getting a taxi sim possible. train and bus services far from running on a normal schedule. >> i worked -- walked three hours from downtown to my apartment. >> getting on a plane is relatively easy if you can get to the airport. >> we're on the road today, and it's a ghost town. the highway, we're worried, and left two days early to get to the airport. got there two days earlyly. no one could get to the airport. >> at sfo there were a group of people returning to japan following a trip to south america, for days they couldn't reach family members on the phone. >> we're in peru and i tried chris says he never expected yappan, especially tokyo to shut down today. >> and people should understand this could happen anywhere. >> for him and those arr
was a family not leaving here. he's more of an expert than the rest of us, kurt smith watches through the eyes of an environmental health scientist with a specialty in nuclear contamination. >> you'll get this from the academic scientists almost uniformly it's not a skeer yos risk but not a significant right after this ook not here. for contamination to hit california they would need to reach the jet stream this, was not a nuclear explosion. >> there is not enough heat to drive it up. it will be hot in the area and will be radio active for miles around the plate but it's not going to be explosion or rise high enough to spread to the west coast of the united states. >> reporter: according to this expert japan is in for a tougher time of it. >> we'd be talking about hundreds, maybe a thousand square kilo meters, rendered uninhabitable, forever. >> it's ironic the world bases radiation standards from research based on long-term studies from atomic bomb survivors. workers trying to save plants will fare the worst, long term. >> officials stands yards are 50 times greater o that gives an illustrati
never knowingly used anna bolic steroids. as soon as this week, baseball star jason giambe is expected to testify. >> and now, the rain may have stopped but a hillside is still sliding and six homes are yellow tagged as a result. residents allowed to go into their homes but did they cannot sleep there. >> there are yellow tagged homes at the top of the hill, and bottom, with yards looking like this at the top feeling the city should be doing more to help them. water continues to creep. the hill keeps sliding. >> my children noticed it on thursday, it's been going daily about a foot a day, maybe. >> one week ago, leon walker thought he's living on solid ground, that they'd retire in this house. and at the base of the hill sandra felt secure, too. now look at her backyard. >> my husband is hopeful that everything will work out. >> people living in them have no more hope now than last week, when problems began. the assistant city manager did make an appearance, but offered little that might april ease residents. >> we are doing an assessment with soil engineer that will be the determinati
on shoring up bridge autos we've got to put more money into maintenance or the future is going to bite us. >> senator boxer is chair of the senate committee on the environment and public works. we asked her thoughts about this, they she tells us she's working with colleagues in the senate and house, trying to move forward a long-term transportation bill. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> carolyn, thank you. >> just never seems to end. rain is falling again tonight. and increasing a risk of mudslides and flooding. >> that is right z which areas are most at right after this thk time. >> now, you can see on live doppler 7 there is a large batch of rainfall beginning to move onshore. much is not yet hitting the ground but it's hitting the ground around moss beach and points south ward. and into jant cruz mountains and down to santa cruz. wet weather is here and about to get wetter there. is a flash flood watch from midnight through tomorrow afternoon. and up to three fourths of an inch of rain per hour could fall. and there are lan slides possible. the area is covered by this flash flood watch
across a weather-related event this weekend, take pictures for us, you can upload your individual yes to you report or e mail your photo autos uc berk sli watching atmosphere and rain today but for different reasons, engineers looking for sign of radiation coming from the damaged nuclear reactors. abc 7 is here with the latest on to this story. >> there is no detectable counts wh. analyzing what is in that water, the levels may be slightly higher, but there, again, they don't expect to see anything alarming. this rain catches part cells into the atmosphere, collected in buckets. plastic ones making work of nuclear engineers easier. >> the rain to be -- the activity from atmosphere is washed out. most of the efforts of the activity into the atmosphere just -- just flies by. and hitting our filter. >> and there is a collection proven uneventful. >> this means there is nothinging to worry about. >> researchers want to prove this will never turn into another chernyobl this, is a general electric rod. just like the ones into japanese reactor ootz -- fuel pellets are placed down inside thes
. >> this coward family says they're victims of the bank. >> we tried to work with the bank. they told us one thing. we did what they asked to us do. and we finished and they changed their minds, again. >> and this appears there will be no let up. one agency predicts this will take mer than four years to clear the current pipeline of the foreclosed properties. >> and former oakland raiders quarterback j marcus russell appears to be among those facing foreclosure, proceedings started on his oakland hills mansion. tmz says there are three months to come up with the back mortgage payments or the home will go on the block. >>> here is more evidence tonight a report from our media partner says nearly 3.5 million students were eligible for the meals at schools, a 9% increase z 60% of the public school children are eligible for the meal, program only 30% participate. >> and governor brown picked up srt port today. the bay area council announced it's endorsement of the plan. abc 7 is here now with the latest attempts to get votes to swing his way. >> and that is just six days to get enough votes on the jun
. >> there is other cases involving master key that's were used and faces -- cases where there is illegal enter rye this followed a morning news briefing by district attorney who said his office reviewed pending cases involving eight officers now under investigation for possible misconduct. >> he believes we need evidence to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt given circumstances and what is going on with offices point. and the growing scandal began last week. the public defender said videos revealed illegal searches and arrests. eight officers involved in those cases were from southern station and vn v.been reassigned desk duty. and the police chief refresher courses will be given to all under cover police units starting next week. >> we're going make sure everybody is retrained and we're going to make sure we retrain everybody in plain clothes operation autos abc 7's dean johnson says these cases point out the need for major reforms. >> in san francisco, we've had such a continuing scandal that permeated the d.a.'s office, and task force and this is time to say yeah. there is a pattern and cul
them reign in skyrocketing costs. the way-outs could not be added to salaries used to compute pensions. >> we are taking action because of the immediate savings of this benefit, but it will also have additional savings on top of what we are achieving because of the pension cost savings. >> wally cats is with public employees local 1 which has 2,000 members in the county. >> there's a sense of equity, as i said before the board, folks have had these benefits for years that rank and file workers haven't had so from our point of view that hasn't been equitable. >> right now it applies only to nonunion managers. starting this summer supervisors hope to negotiate with individual unions to eliminate vacation buy back county wide. in martinez, abc7 news. >>. >>> california teachers are rallying across the state in protest of playoffs. they are also calling on state lawmakers to support governor jerry brown's budget plan. they protest the more than 500 pink slips that were issued in oakland. according to the teachers association, 19,000 teachers have received pink slips statewide. today is the
. the u.s. drought monitor show nose part of california is normally high. >> we zrobt a drought in to 11. >> some groups say it's time to revisit the issue. >> i don't think you use emergency measures. the problem is that it's a bit of crying wolf, allowing to you kurk yum vent the rules. >> in california droughts are not just about weather patterns but about the state's aging water infrastructure, some parts of the state have a water shortage because it's doifl get water to them. for that reason, formers hope the declaration is kept in place so californians continue to conserve. there will be water when the state figures out how to deliver to it par. ed areas. >> there are areas that are receiving half of the projected water supply. we cannot say the drought is over. >> the state wrestle was whether to lift this declaration some agencies are looking at brimming reservoirs wondering if restrictions make sense anymore. >> we're looking at recommending we lift restrictions because we've refilled our storage. >> the last survey of the year is april 1 giving brown administration a better pic
and firefighters used this to reach him, they managed to get him to safety no. word yet on the condition or exactly how he ended up in the rir. >> let's go back to santa cruz mountains. this latest storm is making a bad situation worse. we're live tonight with the story there. >> and yeah. dan, there was a woman who was forced from her home when a she was shaken and firefighters say and you can hear the howl of the wind on nelson road. this douglas fir snapped this morning, there was another sound. >> the neighbor across the way yelled that she was yelling "help" and that a tree had fallen down. and the home was sliced down the middle. and firefighters say she was lucky to escape and they managed to rescue her dog. >> we did a quick search, found the dog z coerced it into a case, then took it to her. >> and this tree is a second storm on nelson road. and monday, one mile up the road, rocks and mud came came crashing down. and the mudslide now is a local attraction. >> we're close by and it's exciting. >> exciting is one way to describe the storm. when a waterway main creek looks menacing there are
. >> he and other sources told us on saturday in the same unit, 27-year-old patient who was placed under observation fell from the balcony. >> he threw himself backwards. it seems like a suicide attempt. >> these two incidents bring the question of security here at napa state hospital to another level. both occurred in an area of the hospital that workers say is less dangerous, not the so-called forensics area where the criminally insane and most violent patients are housed. psych tech donna gross was murdered in that section last october. a patient has been charged in that case. then in december, another patient, sean buche was arrested for beating a therapist. workers say now they don't feel safe in any area of the hospital. >> no more talking, no more trying to think about it and let's have a surveys or referendum. we need action. >> reporter: jesus to bar is being held at napa county jail. he is charged with attempted rape and other counts related to the assault. >>> protestors are engaged in a daring and dangerous protest right now. they are chained to each other on a ledge four sto
announced that decision today. abc 7 is live in oakland with more on this for us. >> as you said it's a controversial case here in this city. jones was a barber, a father and was unarmed. he also ran from police. the investigation has been done for weeks but just released the results of the report today. and this investigator says tw officers fired at jones and witnesses and said the same thing, police gave jones repeated warnings to put hands up. jones run almost as soon as officer as approached him. and they were responding to a domestic disturbance call. police tried to tase jones but it had no affect. and he tried to jump a fence, officers says he turned towards them, then reached his left hand into his pocket and they shot him six times, jones was not armed and did have a small amount of marijuana and a skaim on him. jones family says they still plan to follow through with a civil suit and say they don't believe the report's findings. >> officers taught you have to be able to justify it. say the person is going to be a waist band. >> he was not a defiant person. he was afraid o
. and there are many in this makeshift graveyard. others just kept crashing into piers. >> this is for us to get hit so hard this morning and the quake was just last night it's incredible and scary. i hope soon it will stop. >> one supervisor estimates damages so far $15 million and this is most to the harbor. leo morelli risked his life to save his boat. the coast guard was not happy. and they did it without getting hurt. >> it had a lot of damage but if we get it out of the water we might be able to save it boat owners hope there aren't anymore earthquakes in japan. >> we just want to it end. >> and you can see the debris about to slam into the boat just barely missing it. but so... there is a tsunami warning has been down graded. i can see the water is starting to get active now. the governor has been declaring a state of emergency in four counties and there are methods of debris. >> delnorte county another place where a state of emergency has been called. coast guard says a man was taking photos of the tsunami near the mouth of the river when he was struck by a powerful wave. and at 4:00 in the mor
appears to be clear lake. these pictures sent to us show how full it is more rain is coming. and there is a flood warning for homes and roadway as long the lake. the sheriff's office says a the next storm can trigger rock slides. >> a major storm is slamming the sierra now. and and here is how 80 and this is a road leading to sugar bowl. >> and and the amount of snow is just amazing. last few minutes the storm lightened up in this part of the mountain. look behind me at this snow drift. it's high. you consider most of the pole and forecasters are expecting four feet of new snow. and there are so much snow and three resorts that have all topped 600 inches of snow for the season so far. that is 50 feet that. milestone was reached before today's storm hits. maybe more resorts will reach that before the season sow officially over, april 1. still 600 inches before of the end of the season is significant. >> that is a good hundred inches and we've been averaging about 450. we're looking at 150 inch jump. so putting us into top five of our annual years recorded. >> it's fantastic.
the street and slamming into other homes. and this is hard to believe given this dry spell most of us are enjoying. the hill is like a sponge. >> this wells up it expands then starts shrinking back down. just that movement can cause the hill to slip. >> and the city council did so last night, now plan to join with the city of san pablo experiencing landslides as well. they want to make a joint request to the state and hoping that by working together they can speed up action and get money for homeowners to shore up the hillside. >> thank you. a major slide is blocking highway 101 now this morning about an hour south of eureka at the southern end of the avenue of the giants. there is a five foot wall of mud and trees, there are no details -- detours rather available for truckers cal trans says it could take weeks to clean up and the san joaquin river spilled over banks and hundreds have been urged to evacuate. these pictures from one of four mobile home parks where some flooding has occurred near numan. officials are recommending the residents here seek higher ground. the river is risin
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